New to Swing Dancing?

Just starting out?

Welcome! You are about to experience a joyful activity that you can do forever and at any age!

No partner is required to sign up. In classes we rotate partners so you’ll always have someone to dance with and you’ll meet people who you can dance with at night.

Beginning Lindy Hop Swing Classes are held at Ace Hotel New Orleans in Barnett Hall at the following days/times:

Saturday Sept 30th
10am-11am Beginning Swing I
11:15-12:15om Beginning Swing 2

Sunday Oct 1st
10am-11am Beginning Swing 3
11:15-12:15om Beginning Swing 4

We have a less expensive Beginner pass thst includes those 4 classes and all the evening dances with live music.

If you would prefer to only take the classes and not attend the evening dances, email us for details.

Want to take all the other classes too? Sign up for the full event pass and dabble in multiple styles of Jazz and swing dances!

Questions? Concerns? Email us anytime!