Panel Discussions

Combating Sexism, Homophobia, Exploitation and Sexual Assault in the Dance Community: a conversation about community values and best practices

When: Sat Sept 30th 12:30pm (day/time subject to change)
Where: Ace Hotel New Orleans – Barnett Hall

A highly diverse panel of outspoken dancers and activists discuss what we know about making our community and events safe and inviting for everyone, especially women and those who identify as LGBTQIA. Discussion topics will include codes of conduct, sexual assault reporting and how it often fails, hiring and training practices that lead to environments that resist exploitation, the intersection of racism and sexism in our community (misogynoir), and overcoming resistance to necessary change. Hosted by community organizer and 18-year veteran of the swing dance community, Kelly Porter.

Traditional Jazz, Race and Nostalgia: looking to the future of our musical traditions

When: Sun Oct 1st 12:30pm (day/time subject to change)
Where: Ace Hotel New Orleans – Barnett Hall

A discussion among New Orleans’s senior African American jazz musicians and local culture-bearers about what it means to perform ‘traditional’ jazz almost 100 years after it’s birth. This will be a critical discussion of the personal decisions that musicians have to make about what parts of jazz tradition should be carried on, what parts should be left in the past, and how we contextualize and approach elements of jazz tradition that conflict with our present-day values. This includes discussion about racist, violent or misogynistic lyrics, and how we regard the musical legacy of those who may have been less-than-heroic in their personal values. Host to be announced.