G & Her Swinging Three

A swinging quartet that adds elements of vernacular jazz dance by incorporating tap and other dances from the vintage era (1920's-1950's).

G & Her Swinging Three

G & Her Swinging Three plays traditional jazz, swing, New Orleans classics and some gypsy (French manouche) jazz. Their tempos are perfect for dancing! The band often includes other jazzy friends to enrich the ensemble with a deeper rhythmic tone. The leader of the band, Giselle Anguizola, has been an active voice in the swing community for over 20 years and is internationally known for her passionate love of music and dance as one. This band will keep you on the dance floor swinging all night long!

Giselle Anguizola (dance/vocals) & John Saavedra (guitar/vocals)

Photo by Richard J. Velasco

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